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new message from

by mad on 2019-12-04

time for power!

new user - Ricardo

by mad on 2019-12-02

great site!

new user

by admin on 2019-11-29

hi there!

Mad Martin says hello!

by admin on 2019-11-29

Link from MM main site

Travelers - Movie

by admin on 2019-10-23

Movie Approx: 2017 General sci-fi adventure featuring time travellers attempting to improve fate of society

Queen - Greatest Hits

by jay on 2019-02-14

One of the most famous 'Greatest Hits' albumns of all time

Oasis - Definitely Maybe

by jay on 2019-01-01

First album of Manchester indie-rock legends

Pride and prejudice

by jay on 2018-12-29

Jane Austen society literature

The Will to Power - F. Nietzsche

by admin on 2018-12-06

The real depiciton of human need

Sons and Lovers - DH Lawrence

by jay on 2018-12-06

First novel in Lawrence's classic trilogy

The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins

by jay on 2018-11-17

More classic literature

A Journey - Tony Blair

by rupert on 2018-11-16

A Journey is a memoir by Tony Blair of his tenure as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Published in the UK on 1 September 2010, it covers events from when he became leader of the Labour Party in 1994 and transformed it into "New Labour", holding power for a party record three successive terms, to his resignation and replacement as Prime Minister by his Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown. Blair donated his £4.6 million advance, and all subsequent royalties, to the British Armed Forces charity The Royal British Legion. It became the fastest-selling autobiography of all time at the bookstore chain Waterstones. Promotional events were marked by anti-war protests.

Thus spoke Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzsche

by jay on 2018-11-16

Fairly hardcore philosophy

The Woodlanders - Thomas Hardy

by jay on 2018-11-16

Parochial paradise of 19th century England

Middlemarch - Geroge Elliot

by jay on 2018-11-16

Classic English literature of the 19th century

The Mill on the Floss

by jay on 2018-11-04

George Elliot's classic novel

A tale of two cities

by jay on 2018-11-04

Charles Dickens' classic novel